Zion is a comic book series that I've been working on since 2017. It follows the story of an Ethiopian-American teen named Desta who recently dropped out of college, unable to withstand his family’s pressures on him to succeed. One night, Desta finds an old family heirloom and discovers that there's more to his family's Ethiopian heritage than coffee and long distance runners. To learn more, visit www.kassastudios.com.
Scenes from Zion #2 - pages 12 to 17.
Scenes from Zion #3 - pages 17 to 22.
Alfred Alvarez is a college student/RA by day and campus crusader/RA by night. He is the Resident Avenger! On the night before his architectural studio presentation, Alfred learns he has RA Duty and cannot leave the residence hall. His quiet night is interrupted when he discovers masked menaces harassing residents of his hall. Will Alfred be able find the masked menaces and finish his presentation in time? Only one way to find out! To learn more, visit www.kassastudios.com.
Scenes from Resident Avenger #0 - pages 3 to 8.
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